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We are currently in the middle of a housing crisis. The young can’t afford to buy, with so few affordable starter homes. The elderly can, but an ever-ageing population places growing demand on the need for retirement properties. The country is currently littered with garage units, often sitting in blocks of two, three, four or more for nothing more than storage at best.


Generate little revenue

The existing garages are often underused and generate little revenue, especially when compared to the cost of maintaining them.


Areas of antisocial behaviour

The existing garages attract antisocial behaviour as they have little passive surveillance.


In close proximity to existing housing

The garage sites are usually situated close to existing housing and are face to face blocks.


Maintenance headache

The roofs to the garages are generally old and require regular maintenance.


Storage only

The garages are generally used as lock ups for storage with cars rarely stored inside.


Undevelopable sites

The sites cannot currently be developed using standard methods of housing due to privacy distances, unviability, size etc.