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The concept of husk is to redefine and redesign, to reuse and revitalise. We want to take something of apparently little value and create something special, something else. Architecture with a social need.

We want to make a husk a home.

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Our units have been designed by our architects to achieve Homes England Compliance to receive grant. This includes space standards and storage.

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It’s hard to believe this was a former garage site – it doesn’t feel like a bungalow because of the high ceilings.

Mrs Todd, Karbon Homes resident

Award-winning design


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Why keep the garage structure?

Why don’t we just knock down the garage walls? You ask, why go through the hassle of keeping them? Well, keeping the garage walls allows us to treat the site as a refurbishment of the existing garages. This allows us to work with tighter overlooking distances, site our bungalows closer together to form secure courts and make sites much more viable.

As all of our large windows face forward, with only high-level windows to the sides or rear we can ensure that whilst privacy distances are allowed to be closer, there will be no overlooking onto other properties or vice versa.

For the over 55’s community

Whilst the HUSK units are suitable for all ages, when situated face to face in a courtyard orientation, it provides an excellent and secure location for the elderly, giving them the opportunity to remain in their neighbourhood without having to move away to find suitable accommodation.

The bungalows are designed to ensure rooms are not directly opposite to allow for greater privacy. The central court offers a private garden in which both residents can enjoy.

Planning support

Our successful delivery of several sites for HUSK has proven that the concept is well supported by the planning authority. The concept meets the NPPF Guidance on many levels such as re-use of brownfield sites, reinforcing communities, provision of affordable housing and innovation.

The sites can usually be determined under delegated powers, with the case officers stating that they would prepare a standard report to cover the concept with the site specifics amended per scheme.